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Humalog Mix 25 Cartridge 100 Units / mL(25 Cartridge)


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Discover a personalized approach to diabetes management with Humalog Mix 25 Cartridge. This carefully formulated insulin solution is designed for effective blood sugar control. In this comprehensive product description, we will explore the features, benefits, and usage instructions of Humalog Cartridge, providing insights into how this insulin mixture can enhance your diabetes care.

Optimized Insulin Combination

Humalog Mix Cartridge combines the benefits of fast-acting Insulin Lispro with intermediate-acting Insulin Lispro Protamine. This creates a tailored insulin blend to address both immediate and sustained glucose control requirements.

Key Features of Humalog mix 25

Dual-Action Glucose Control

Experience the specialized insulin blend of Humalog Cartridge that provides a precise combination of rapid glucose control and extended coverage. This targets both mealtime and basal insulin needs.

Tailored Dosing Humalog mix 25

Flexibility is key with Humalog Cartridge doses. Adjust according to your meal sizes and daily activities for personalized diabetes management.

Convenient Cartridge Design

Secure insulin storage and accurate dosing are ensured with the cartridge packaging of Humalog Mix. This streamlines the insulin administration process.

User-Friendly Administration

Whether you’re new to insulin administration or experienced, the cartridge design guarantees easy and accurate insulin delivery. It caters to individuals with varying levels of experience.

Benefits of Humalog Mix 25 Cartridge

Personalized Glucose Control

Benefit from the dual-action insulin blend in Humalog Cartridge that offers customized glucose control. It addresses immediate and sustained insulin needs on an individual level.

Improved Mealtime Coverage

Enhance glycemic control with the specialized insulin mixture of Humalog Cartridge. This assists in managing post-meal blood sugar spikes.

Streamlined Dosing Humalog mix 25

Save time and effort while ensuring precise dosing with Humalog Mix Cartridge. It simplifies the insulin administration process.

Collaborative Diabetes Care

Collaborate with healthcare professionals to establish an effective dosing regimen for Humalog Cartridge. This regimen is tailored to your unique diabetes management requirements.


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Humalog Mix 25 Cartridge 100 Units / mL
Humalog Mix 25 Cartridge 100 Units / mL(25 Cartridge) $470.00

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