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Novolin GE 30/70 Penfill Cartridge 100 Units/mL


Insulin Injection, Isophane Human Biosynthetic

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Optimal Insulin Balance

Experience the perfect blend of precision and effectiveness with Novolin GE 30/70 Penfill Cartridge. Carefully formulated with a balanced mixture of 30% NPH and 70% Regular insulin at a concentration of 100 Units/mL, this product offers you an optimal solution for managing your blood sugar levels.

Harmonize Your Diabetes Management

Achieving harmony in diabetes management is essential for a vibrant life. Novolin GE 30/70 Penfill Cartridge is designed to help you find that harmony. With the ideal combination of NPH and Regular insulin, you can anticipate the benefits of rapid and extended insulin action, ensuring stable blood sugar levels throughout your day.

Effortless Dosing, Confident Living

Precision dosing is at your fingertips with Novolin GE 30/70 Penfill Cartridge. The 100 Units/mL concentration guarantees accurate dosing, giving you the confidence you need to take control of your diabetes. Bid farewell to the uncertainty of fluctuating blood sugar levels and welcome a more stable and worry-free lifestyle.

Seize the Day

Don’t let diabetes limit your potential. Novolin GE 30/70 Penfill Cartridge empowers you to embrace each day with enthusiasm. Whether you’re tackling a busy workday or enjoying quality time with loved ones, these cartridges provide you with the tools to manage your blood sugar levels while focusing on what truly matters.


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