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Tresiba FlexTouch 100 (Insulin Degludec)


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Step into the future of diabetes care with Tresiba FlexTouch 100 – an advanced insulin solution designed for lasting blood sugar control. Discover how this comprehensive product description will guide you through the features, benefits, and usage instructions of Tresiba FlexTouch 100 (Insulin Degludec).

Revolutionary Insulin Degludec

Experience a groundbreaking long-acting insulin with Tresiba Flex Touch 100, powered by Insulin Degludec. Its unique mechanism offers extended glucose-lowering effects, providing a new level of flexibility in managing diabetes through a single daily injection.

Key Features

Extended Duration

Benefit from over 42 hours of stability in blood sugar levels with Tresiba Flex Touch 100.

Consistent Control

Discover predictable and consistent glucose control with Tresiba Flex Touch 100, minimizing the risk of sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar levels.

Low Variability

Maintain steady blood sugar levels even with slight variations in injection time, thanks to Tresiba Flex Touch 100’s minimal day-to-day variability.

Flexibility in Dosing

Enjoy the convenience of administering Tresiba FlexTouch 100 at any time of day, while effectively maintaining blood sugar level control.

Benefits of Tresiba FlexTouch 100

Steady Glucose Management

Gain confidence in blood sugar control with Tresiba Flex Touch 100’s reliable and prolonged insulin release, ensuring a steady journey.

Reduced Hypoglycemia Risk

Minimize the risk of hypoglycemic episodes with Tresiba FlexTouch 100’s low variability and predictable action, prioritizing your well-being.

Enhanced Lifestyle Flexibility

Embrace extended duration and flexible injection timing with Tresiba Flex Touch 100, harmonizing diabetes management with your daily life.

Fewer Injections Needed

Opt for convenience as Tresiba Flex Touch 100 reduces injection frequency compared to other insulin types, thanks to its extended action.

Elevate your diabetes management experience with Tresiba FlexTouch 100, powered by Insulin Degludec. Enjoy stable glucose management, reduced hypoglycemia risk, enhanced lifestyle flexibility, and fewer necessary injections.


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Tresiba FlexTouch 100
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